About Me

Evolving from an engaged Managing Director in telecoms and IT to a trailblazer in business leadership, my journey reflects not just a shift in careers but a profound transformation in life.

ABOUT My Journey into Hypnotherapy

From an active Managing Director in telecoms and IT to an innovator in business leadership, my journey shows more than just a change in careers; it shows how my life’s purpose has changed over time. I’ve been in business for 25 years and have seen the highs and lows of being a boss. This is what led me to create The Turnaround CEO (TTCEO). This project was more than just a big step in my career; it was the first step towards my real calling.

The difficulties and successes at TTCEO led to a realisation: there was a lot of success, but not much true fulfilment. This caused me to make a big change: I always tended to look at strategy first, however I realised business coaching needed to begin with the individual and I started studying the mind’s deeper, more transformative power. The change wasn’t about leaving TTCEO behind; it was about going beyond what it could do.

Now, I offer my clients a unique point of view thanks to my many years of experience, my Postgraduate certificate in professional coaching, and my continued studies in clinical hypnotherapy and mind coaching. My focus has shifted from standard business coaching to incorporate the life-changing field of hypnotherapy, where I help clients find their own hidden strengths.

Being an official partner of Everything DiSC and a dedicated trustee for several local initiatives means that my journey is about more than just my own success. It has to do with encouraging a whole-person approach to leadership that balances business sense with emotional health. Come with me on this journey of finding out more. Together, we will explore the unknown parts of your mind, making sure that your professional goals are in line with your personal growth.

SERVICESI Can Help You With

Stress Management Solutions
Stress shadows every leader. My stress management services guide you in coping and adapting to the pressures making work less demanding and more enjoyable.
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Imposter syndrome silently undermines accomplished leaders. My targeted services dismantle doubts and establish genuine self-assurance and deserved success.
Anxiety Solutions for Leaders
In the fast-paced world of business leadership, unspoken anxiety is a challenge I specialise in. Learn to master anxiety, using it as a source of strength instead.
Confidence Building for Leaders
Confidence is crucial in leadership. I specialise in guiding leaders from self-doubt to assurance, fostering powerful leadership and positive change.
Leadership Transformation Services
Inspire change, drive progress, and creating a lasting legacy. It's for the visionary who has lost sight of the horizon and the strategist bogged down in the trenches.